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The Life Story of Grammy Award Winner, Chubby Tavares

Grammy Award winner Chubby Tavares lives in keeps turning out new hits with his solo music career.
Learn about his history and all of his accomplishments.

That Famous Name

One summer morning on June 2, 1944, a seventh child was born to the Tavares family in Providence, Rhode Island, and was named Antone Lawrence Tavares. He weighed 10 pounds and 14 ounces. His grandmother gave him the nickname that he is still called today, Chubby Tavares.

A Talented Family

Even when they were little, it was clear that God gave each Tavares brother very special gifts. They inherited a talent for singing and performing from their father, Flash Tavares. Thanks to Flash's ingenuity and the drive of their oldest brother, John, Chubby and his siblings learned the basic harmonies they are known so well for today. As the group Tavares, they've performed nationally and internationally.

The Success of Tavares

The soundtrack for the film, Saturday Night Fever, received a Grammy Award in 1978 for Best Album of the Year, which included an additional version of the song "More Than a Woman" performed by the Tavares brothers. Years later, Tavares also was nominated for the best R&B group for their performance of "A Penny For Your Thoughts." Chubby sang a majority of the leads on many of the Tavares albums throughout the years. His memorable songs include:

  • "Check It Out"
  • "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel"
  • "It Only Takes a Minute"
  • "Remember What I Told You to Forget"

New Beginnings as a Solo Artist

In 2012, Chubby Tavares took on his first solo project to continue his passion for songwriting and performance. His first release was a CD called Jealousy. It features music that is near and dear to his soul, including both old and new tunes. Now he's onto new projects, thanks to the collaborative insights of Preston Glass. Can't Knock Me Down is an inspiring song and album that captivates audiences. Chubby and Preston released their third CD Amazing Ride, the CD is practically autobiographical. Once Again, we lived the magic of Chubby Tavares and Preston Glass. Look for Chubby's solo music career to continue; more great works are in the near future!

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